We're Adopting!!

Hello. We are very happy to see that you made it to our little corner of the internet! Whether you're a
friend or family member of ours, just now meeting us, expecting a newborn, or have toddlers and are
searching for adoptive parents, WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE! Many of you may already know (or
did not know, but now you do!), that we've been praying for a sweet little one to join our family for about
7 long years, and we are so happy to announce that we are adopting! We have always discussed the
option of adoption, and the time has now come. We've never been more thrilled, anxious, nervous,
happy and all the other emotions. We have been hoping and wishing for the day we would be able to
have a child of our own, and that now seems like more of a dream come true than it ever has. 

We are choosing to do a private adoption, which means now we are asking for YOUR help! The
way we are going to find our child whether it be a newborn or toddler, is through word of mouth. We
are looking for an infant up to 3 years of age of any race or gender from anywhere in the US. We would
appreciate more than ANYTHING if you would join us in shouting it from the rooftops! This means share
our blog, Facebook page and Instagram, and tell all your friends. We know without a doubt that the
Lord's guiding us in this, and that our sweet child will be placed in our path when the time is just right.

If you know someone or would like to contact us, please reach out to us at HINATALIE@HOTMAIL.COM

Our hearts are already filled with all the love in the world for the sweet baby or child that will be joining
our family.  


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